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Your Blooms Made Eternal

Through Our Unique Process of Resin Floral Preservation

Transforming Flowers Into Art
Blooms To Last A Lifetime

Your Memories Planted In Time

Experience the lasting enchantment of our resin-casted flowers, designed to stand the test of time.

Preserve Your Most Important Moments

Transform your flowers into everlasting works of art, capturing the essence of important moments that will endure throughout the years.

Drawing inspiration from the captivating Dutch oil paintings portraying floral arrangements during the 1800s, our distinctive service presents bespoke floral creations that encapsulate the significance of each flower. Encased in resin, these meticulously composed artworks endure through time, mirroring the everlasting allure of museum masterpieces.

– The Team at Eternal Bloom

Turning Days Into Years

We Ensure Your Flowers Will Last For Generations



Discover the perfect blend of florals and art.

Our founder, Ramsey Bristol, has masterfully combined a passion for fine art and flowers with years of artistic expertise, resulting in one-of-a-kind artworks that capture and preserve your most cherished memories by turning your blooms into one-0f-a-kind works of art that are meant to last a lifetime.

Join Now

We are always looking to grow out community and our mission is to provide our meaningful service of flower preservation to as many people as we can.

Consider becoming one of our affiliates today, showing others the beautiful work we do. You will be introduced to our tiered commission program, where you will get money back for every client you introduce to our services at Eternal Bloom. The perfect referral program for wedding/event planners, memorial service providers, event spaces, coordinators, florists, and those with dedicated social media followings.

What Can We Help You With?

Flower Preservation

You provide us with your flowers, and we transform them into a timeless work of art that preserves your unique blooms.

Ready Made

Opt for our already crafted creations that incorporate beautifully selected blooms and have your pieces delivered promptly.


We collaborate with you to craft a unique artwork by carefully selecting exquisite seasonal flowers from our own collection.

Gifts That Last

Make someone's day with our Eternal Bloom Gift Cards, a thoughtful and beautiful gift that is forever.

Contribute to the preservation process or gift someone their very special piece, in its entirety, to remember the most important moments in their lives