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Get To Know Us

Find out some more about where we started and where we are heading

Our Story

We began with a simple promise - your blooms made eternal.

The sight of stunning and meaningful floral arrangements at weddings and memorials left us feeling discouraged. We understood that their beauty would only be temporary, destined for disposal. A thought struck us: there had to be a more lasting tribute to these intricate creations. From that point on, we were determined to find a better approach. We set out on a quest to find a way to preserve the essence of these flowers, extending their meaningful existence and ensuring their impact.

Our goal is to artistically capture the essence of your meaningful flowers and craft timeless creations that will endure for generations.

Our commitment lies in preserving your valuable memories and advancing our services simultaneously. We persistently strive to expand our operations, connecting with more customers, and introducing fresh offerings.

Our Process

Experience the meticulous attention to detail and superior artistry that goes into creating stunning works of floral art.

The flowers undergo a careful drying process to ensure their preservation. They are then artistically arranged and enclosed in resin, providing a stunning display. The finishing touches are applied to enhance the clarity of the arrangement.

Our Founder

Hello. My name is Ramsey and I founded Eternal Bloom in 2023. I want you to know how happy I am that you found my handcrafted floral keepsakes.

I conceptualized Eternal Bloom in my early years of university, after preserving flowers in resin for some class assignments. I was inspired to do so after viewing the beautiful master works of oil painted dutch floral art in Amsterdam. I have always thought it would be beautiful to create similar works of art, utilizing meaningful flowers, that people could display like treasured works of art in a museum.

In early 2023, I decided to paint my dreams into reality. Along with my partner, Ray, who manages much of out social outreach, I set forth on making beautiful works of art that would preserve peoples most cherished flowers.

I look forward to growing Eternal Bloom and preserving your blooms to last a lifetime.